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About us

Razeth Nigeria Limited is a real estate company that operates from Lagos, Nigeria. We have vast years of experience in the properties business in Nigeria, so call us if you are interested in purchasing land, land documentation, buying a house etc., we also have short-lets for rent at very affordable rates on the mainland and the island in Lagos, Abuja, and Port-harcourt. Did we also also mention that we are world class event planners? Call us today or email us, we’re always on hand to handle any of your requests.

Elizabeth Ileri

We offer only the best, at the best prices! Come try any of our services today, you will be glad you did!

Land Purchase / Land Documentation

We offer the best prices on homes and apartments in Lagos (mainland and island), Abuja, and Port-harcourt. With proper, verifiable documentation, done on any land or property purchased from us.

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Short-lets Apartments

We have some of the best apartments in Lagos (mainland and island); safe, beautiful, tastefully furnished apartments, with state of the art living amenities such as wifi, standby generators and fully equipped kitchens. At very affordable rates.

Events Planning

We offer one of the best, reliable and affordable event planning services for your occasion, no matter the size, or location, we will make your event glamourous and memorable. We have worked for several clients both on the mainland and on the island. Give us a call today!

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